Pontypridd Green Week
The Rights of Trees

The Rights of Trees

For Green Week 2022 we are exploring the rights of trees. Should our trees be protected? Does a 100 year old tree have the right to remain where it is, unharmed? Is it ok to remove a self seeded sapling? If we could make our own rules to protect the trees and our planet what would they be? We are collecting your thoughts and ideas via this padlet, click on the + below or follow the link to add your own note, link or photo.

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We will present the Rights of Pontypridd Trees at the end of Green Week along with poetry and song in the park.

We are particularly interested in your stories, memories, photographs, and creative work around the theme of trees. Keep an eye on our social media or use the contact form to share them with us before Pontypridd Green Week. Alternatively you could join us on one of the creative workshops during the week.