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For Pontypridd Green Week 2023 we are celebrating and exploring Commons. Whatever is that supposed to mean!? I’m glad you asked. Common is for all …

Friends of the Earth Pontypridd comments on the Draft Pontypridd Placemaking Plan

Friends of the Earth Pontypridd (FoE Ponty) is a group of local volunteers who work proactively in and around the Pontypridd area to campaign on environmental issues and act to improve the environment.
When RCT Council announced their Net Zero commitment, we worked with stakeholders in Pontypridd to bring together expertise and developed a collaborative paper with ideas and suggestions on what local people wanted to see happen. As a result of this submission, a representative from FoE Ponty sits on RCT Council’s Climate Steering Group. As a group, we have also worked closely with Pontypridd
Town Council both on the Bee Friendly Pontypridd initiative and on their climate emergency declaration and we are represented on the Climate Sub Group of their Environment Committee.

CEYOU Youth Forum

As part of the CEYOU project a process to form a Youth Forum on circular economy  started in summer 2020 in Pontypridd, Wales. The activities, coordinated by CEYOU  coordinating partner Pontydygsu Ltd, consisted of a series of online and face to face events involving young people, youth organisations and local elected representatives. The aim of the Forum is to develop an action plan on circular economy and then to carry out those actions. The target audience were young people, (members of Young Friends of the Earth Pontypridd, representatives from local schools, and members of groups such as Girl guides) as well as local representatives from the UK Government, Welsh Assembly and local council. The core group of young people were  already part of an activist group who had been organising and participating in the local  school strikes for Climate action; they had also already participated in a hustings with local  potential candidates for parliament. They were and are still keen to continue their activities.

The Rights of The Taff